Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Donna Tran has always had a passion for gift wrapping.  Paper Ave was first started in August of 2014 as a place for Donna to share her packaging ideas.  

It was during this time of exploration that she discovered the world of paper flowers and her passion in creating these everlasting pieces of art. Having a not-so-green thumb herself, these paper flowers are a great way to savor the whimsical takes on mother nature.  

It was then that Donna decided to combine her two passions of gift wrapping and paper flowers to provide a fun and unique product to the gift-givers out there.  This was in hopes of inspiring others to join her mission in keeping the art of gift wrapping alive as well as sharing the same joy in seeing the recipient taking even that extra moment to savor the wrapping.  Each gift wrap embellishment is meant to be a keepsake of the wrapping, to make opening of the gift as much of an experience as the thought put into the actual gift itself.

Donna finds inspiration from all sorts of avenues in her life.  Through her interaction with her supportive family, friends and loved ones, through her tasteful palette in food, sights taken in of mother nature, art & architecture, memories created through her travels and her current career as a kitchen and bath designer.  

Each product through Paper Ave is made to order and can be customized to your liking as well.  Every petal is cut, shaped and glued by hand to create a unique piece for you and the recipient.  Just as the clouds in the sky that roll by each day, no two pieces are to come exactly alike other than the amount of passion, love and caring that is used to build each product.