Happy 2nd Birthday Paper Ave

On October 28th, Paper Ave got to celebrate its 2nd birthday at Smoke & Brine Co. Warehouse for a fun workshop called "The Art of Colorful Blooms" and what fun it was! 

Through these workshops, I've had the pleasure of meeting 3 wonderful gals, Olga, Mariana and L.A. who have been so supportive of my business. I was so excited to see that they were attending as they bring about such a wonderful level of energy to everyone around us.  Thank you, my friends, for all your support AND for coming in a custom "massage the petal" t-shirt!!  And that's only the start of it!

Deanna from Smoke & Brine Co. provided the most beautiful and colorful platter filled with various cheeses, fruits and nuts and it was seriously THE perfect match with our fresh fruit mimosas.  Loren from Four Things Paper created gorgeous name cards for us all and I couldn't be more grateful for her help during the setup process as well (I've learned that a little bit of eucalyptus goes a long way!).  We each got to make a bundle of flowers (peony, inverted rose and poppy) out of crepe paper and arranged them in a cute little vase that have been a long time favorite in my collection.  As a keepsake, each attendee was also gifted a custom-made cookie by Jennifer Tee that were inspired by the workshop and were way too pretty to eat!  A very special thank you to Rachael Smith Photography for all the beautiful photos.  It is something that I will always look back on and treasure!  

Thank you to every vendor and friends, for wishing Paper Ave a happy birthday and for my long-time friend Christine who attended my workshop and celebrated with me afterwards as well.  My heart is so full and continues to be so because of you all.  I look forward to seeing what this upcoming year has to bring and to continue growing Paper Ave and chasing after these girl boss dream of mines!

Please enjoy a few of the many highlights of the event!